Welcome to ZenGarden 

Heal your heart and leave your troubles behind; Purify filth, share all warmth

  • Give you a platform 

    ZenGarden is a platform, not a dictatorial server. Operations people are not managers, so why decide the gameplay? What we need to do is to maintain the garden carefully, build a beautiful platform, let the players have a rest, create a beautiful world. 

  • Create the whole world 

    Whether the ground hills or tall buildings, whether home or to live and work in peace and contentment, no matter do a part-time job or be a creation of god, whether from scratch, create their own towns or forest seclusion, circle of hard farming cattle raising horse, whether it be a lawyer, passionate debate in the court or gang buildings, won praise sound a... You are the world, and this is your OWN world. 

  • Public welfare,harmonious and friendly 

    We generate electricity for love. There will never be any paid content. We are a friendly, harmonious garden, a loving, beautiful community, a trusted, public platform. 

  • Every where is joy 

    ZenGarden wants to bring happiness to everyone, but "it's better to be happy alone than happy with others". We don't want to build happiness on the pain of others, so we have created a "Happiness value" list . Every flower that brings happiness and positive energy to others is to be praised!

  • Free, equal, justice 

    Feel like your privacy is being invaded? Unhappy with a player's behavior? Challenge the tribunal's decision? Or even find a loophole in the rules? Everyone can Sue, everything can be sued, to help us make a better garden。 

  • Build a beautiful garden together 

    The ZenGarden publicity department will offer a variety of courses, such as Java plug-in design, BukkitAPI, and even new concept English courses... As long as you are creative enough, you can improve your garden through the mayor's FTP or Github account! 

ZenGarden needs an ambitious you!

ZenGarden is still in the early stage of development and has many shortcomings. Please be inclusive. If you are capable enough to join us to build a better garden, please join us!